A note from Candy ...

Travel makes for remarkable stories. 


Once while visiting Istanbul with a group of ladies, I was offered a camel in exchange for one of our travel companions! Well, if the offer had been two camels, we might have considered it. Later that day, I found an exquisite carpet in the bazaar, only to realize that my credit card had expired. "Not a problem" the merchant told me. He placed the carpet into a suitcase and handed it to me. "Send me a check when you return home." 


It's stories and memories such as those - tales of great kindness, of baffling customs, of connecting with unknown peoples in strange lands - that have made my thirty-some years in the travel industry such a wonderful experience.


I started with Eastern Airlines right out of college, and in 1984 I was offered an opportunity to work for a travel agency. Since then, every day has been a new and different experience. In other industries, people force themselves to think "out of the box". 


In the travel trade, every day is out of the box! The chance to see other lands is priceless. Italy, Greece, Ireland, England - I wouldn't know how to pick my favorite destination. But more than that, it's the people who make my job such a joy. 


Whether I'm putting together a custom tour of Italy for a multigenerational family of ten, or a destination wedding in the Caribbean, simply knowing I've created that unique experience, one that will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime, brings me a pleasure and a satisfaction that no amount of money could ever buy. 


They say, "Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life"- Trust me. It's true!


Candy Geiler

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