Dear Everyone at World Travel Mates,


I can't tell you enough how great you made our family vacation safari. 


My favorite Safari was in Sambaru were we stayed at Ashnil.  The “tents” are really nice. The food was pretty good and the staff was great. Our highlight was having a bull elephant eating vegetation less than 15 feet from our tent (the little electric fence seemed like zero protection but just as soon as I felt nervous one of the guards came (with a huge gun) and made me feel a little less vulnerable. Sambaru is dry and open so it has expansive views and it is fairly easy to spot animals.    There are a few rare animals there that are hard to see elsewhere (Grevy’s Zebra, gerenuk’s etc.) but it is also uncommon to see cats there other than Lions (Cheetah’s and Jaguars are there but less common than in the Mara).  The drive is fairly long but easy.  You drive right past Mt. Kenya and see a lot of different vegetation types along the way.  I think it is about 6 hours door to door from Narobi.  Most of it is really nice roads.   


The Mara is by far the best safari opportunity but the roads are awful.  It is hour after hour of washboarded dirt roads.   Totally worth it when you get there but it was a tortuous drive.  We stayed at a really small camp (we were the only guests for one night and they had 8 staff members who treated Ru and I like royalty.  They even referred to Mary Ellis as “Queen Rutabaga”.  The chef made whatever we wanted to eat and set up a special table for us on the event lawn.  The name of the camp is really long Tipilikawani or something like that.  I can’t remember it off the top of my head. 





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