A note from Kay ...

I started my travel career with World Travel Mates in 1995 and I was eager to help people create their dream vacations.

I remember as a child traveling with my family up and down the east coast for our family holidays.  Every trip seemed better than the last, and only increased my desire to see more. At 12, my international travel began as I joined a friend and her family on a vacation to Canada!  I remember being so intrigued with the language and culture of country just across the US border. Studying geography in school, I could hardly wait until I was able to travel the world and experience everything for myself. It’s no wonder I became a travel consultant!


As I grew up and got married, I was blessed to have four children and a wonderful and supportive husband. We all have the ‘travel bug’ and have had great experiences together traveling in the US and abroad. Added to that now are my amazing grandchildren…we keep the tradition alive making memories!


I remember a quote that I once heard –

“Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”.  


My wonderful and enriching experiences have now turned me into a “storyteller” and I love to share them with my clients.

I have had the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa and many destinations throughout Europe. Cruising through the Panama Canal, Hawaiian Islands, Alaska and the Caribbean and sailing the Danube and Rhine Rivers gives me firsthand knowledge as a cruise counselor. I have soared over the Serengeti in a hot air balloon, visited an orphanage in Africa, hiked the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, and walked through the ruins of Pompeii. 


I am a grateful storyteller of all, and awaiting my next tale to tell.

Travel is a gift that we all need to give to ourselves and our families.


It’s a gift that makes your richer by the experience alone.


My destination knowledge and education continued when I joined AAA Vacations in 2010 and earned my place in the AAA Carolina’s Presidents Club. Returning to World Travel Mates has brought me full circle and I am glad to be “home”.

Whether it’s your honeymoon, anniversary, multigenerational family or friend’s group trip, as a Virtuoso travel counselor I will provide the best service, planning and resources for your destination.

Let me help you write your story.

Kay McGarity

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