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Virgin Islands!



The British Virgin Islands or BVI as they are known locally are a collection of 60 islands in the Caribbean that fly the United Kingdom flag. They are similar to the US Virgin Islands but offer visitors their own unique charms. Planning a vacation here is an amazing experience and will make you the envy of friends and family. 


With 60 islands to choose from, where should you go in BVI?



Tortola Island

The main island containing the capital city of Road Town where the greatest abundance of nightlife and ‘the business’ of the islands occur. Attached to Beef Island by bridge, this home port offers the greatest diversity in activity and a large selection of accommodation. If you are hiring a sailing vessel…this is where you’d board your craft!

Peter Island

Peter Island is the largest private island in the BVI and the fifth largest of the 60 islands. It was purchased back in 1978 as a private island but now is home to the Peter Island Resort & Spa. This island is also home to Jean Kelly and her amazing coconut french toast.

Guana Island

Another private island famed for 7 seven white powder beaches and 850 acres of forest, mountains, hills, and valleys. It houses the Guana Island Resort and is well worth the price. You’ll likely encounter some interesting wildlife here…the Rock Iguana is indigenous to this very beautiful sanctuary.

Jost Van Dyke Island

A very small treasure, measuring 4x3 miles with fewer than 300 inhabitants. Jost Van Dyke receives numerous visitors and is easily accessible by private boats and ferry service from Tortola. It’s most popular destination is the Great Harbor that has a beach strip alive with small bars and restaurants. Don’t miss the Soggy Dollar…home of the world famous Pain Killer!

Virgin Gorda Island

The 3rd largest of the Virgin Islands and is dripping in natural beauty with unspoiled beaches and natural sanctuaries. Visitors should seek out The Baths, a popular attraction for snorkeling ensconced in enormous granite boulders that created little grottos and saltwater pools. During the winter season, you may encounter any number of celebrities who chose to shake off the snow!


Necker Island

Home of the infamous Richard Branson, Necker Island is a jet setter’s paradise. Want to hang out with the rich and famous, come to Necker.



Scrub Island

Scrub Island Resort is the home of a Marriott Signature Resort. Great for kids and adults alike, you’ll find an active resort playground with all the resort features you’d need to keep a family happy!





The British Virgin Islands are beautiful and unique! Our specific onsite knowledge of this island puzzle can offer you the best opportunity to enjoy their many personalities…as they say in the BVI’s, we are Nature’s Little Secret! Book your next BVI vacation with World Travel Mates.


Check out the BVI Tourism website for an exhaustive list of things to see and do on your next BVI holiday.


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