A note from Tracy ...

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. where it rains most of the time made me look out of the window and daydream of being on a tropical island with family and friends. After moving to Charlotte in 1994, I knew this was where I wanted to call home. Staying true to my dream I started a career at Professional Travel in 1996. 


I started on the corporate side of the business, arranging airline tickets, hotels and car rentals for thousands of passengers. My passion has only grown stronger over the past 20 years. I love that I am now the personal travel consultant for the Charlotte Checkers, a professional hockey team so now World Travel Mates is proud to be the official agency of the Checkers!


After mastering the business travel aspect, my knowledge and interest moved into the leisure or vacation side. I have traveled extensively to the Caribbean and Mexico, and I stay current with travel trends by attending monthly trade shows and seminars. 


I am proud to say that I am also a breast cancer survivor, knowing all too well that life is precious and can often be too short. I've made a career out of making dreams come true, and hopes that you’ll give me the opportunity to make a lifetime memory for you!



 Tracy Beaver

Call me direct  at 704 697-1514 

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